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Pastor Robin Matthews-Johnson

Pastor Robin has worked with many local congregations in the United Methodist Church. She has been with The Wesley United Methodist Church of Fresno since 2021. The church is proudly pro-LGBTQ+, and has a long history of seeking justice in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Pastor Robin is blessed by a patient husband, two amazing adult daughters and son-in-law’s, three wonderful grandchildren, and a menagerie of dogs and other interesting pets. Each day, she sees opportunities for learning and hope.

Nature and creating a new Sacred Place at Wesley is a dream come true! We are thrilled to develop nature on our beautiful campus, in order to support healing and restoration here within our church and to the neighborhood and greater community.

Like many cities around the country, Fresno is facing high rates of stress and anxiety, mental and physical health challenges, violence and social disconnection. Yet, Pastor Robin believes that a single, proven and effective intervention within reach is nature, and for her community, the beautiful property that is Wesley UMC.

My Sacred Place

Wesley United Methodist Church – Coming Soon

A gathering and memorial space at the Wesley United Methodist Church of Fresno that is integrated with a number of community and City programs.

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