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Sarah D’Adamo

Sarah has been a community organizer and urban farmer in central Baltimore since 2018, where she coordinates distribution of locally grown organic produce, community outreach and partnerships, and ecological knowledge sharing on the city’s land. Her work is primarily based in the urban agriculture community and two green spaces that are preserved in the local land trust, Hidden Harvest Farm and Ash Street Garden. Sarah is interested in learning from others in the Network, how other Sacred Places that operate through community-based volunteering and exchange steward and sustain their spaces.

Sarah believes that access to green spaces is central to community life and wellbeing, offering possible modes of connection, learning, relationship-building, healing and community resourcing.

Urban nature can provide an especially important site for local life-ways that offers avenues for people, animals, insects and plants to meet across their differences and find shared values and purposes. As climate change advances, such resources become all the more vital for sustaining wellbeing, resilience and resource exchanges in community life and fostering a culture of interdependence, adaptation and abundance that rejects assumptions of scarcity or lack in favor of the creative work of stewarding and cultivating resources together with others.

My Sacred Place

Hidden Harvest Farm – Coming Soon

A community farm working to provide positive spaces for neighbors to gather and activate.

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