Sebastian Gominho

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Sebastian Gominho

Sebastian is dedicated to exploring and implementing eco-friendly solutions as AGU’s Sustainability Coordinator. The first and only net-zero building in Washington, D.C., Sebastian’s work is key to ensuring that environmental standards are met. On top of that, Sebastian is a true nature lover and is a firm believer that we can all benefit from incorporating nature within our everyday lives.

My Sacred Place

American Geophysical Union, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy

We worked with AGU in Dupont Circle to turn their outdoor plaza space into a nature sacred green space that includes stormwater retention and reduces urban heat, while simultaneously creating an inviting space for people to reflect with nature.

Meet Another Firesoul

Vanessa Truxon

Vanessa is a Queen Annes County native and is the Keeper of the Garden at Minary’s Dream Alliance. She has always found peace and comfort in nature, and wants to provide that same space to others. Her goal is to provide a safe space for people to ground, relax and find clarity — in nature....


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