We are living history right now.

As we live through this swirl of historic events —
a pandemic, natural disasters, civic unrest and more —
we’re finding creative ways to cope. Process. Combat stress.
A lesser-known outlet? A little yellow journal.

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The Journal Project complements the work of our Firesouls, hard at work helping communities heal in pockets of the country hard-hit by today’s crises. Please consider a gift to support this mission. 

In recent months, people have been processing and recording life in the pages of our waterproof journals in deeply authentic, meaningful and communal ways. And the idea struck… what if we captured this period in time — collectively — via a collaborative crisis journal? One that we all contribute to from all corners of the country? One that knits together the details of what we’re experiencing — right now? And so we are. This is the Nature Sacred Journal Project.

Join us.

We invite people of all ages to grab a piece of paper or notebook (doesn’t need to be yellow!), writing utensil of choice and find a small slice of nature. A back yard, a window-view, a potted plant. And you take it from here — let any sentiments fly. Thoughts, reflections, vignettes of living during this crisis. These can be drawings, stories, poems, doodles. And share them with us, if you feel inclined.

We will organize the entries, see what we get, and from here determine the best kind of Covid History Journal format will work best: a beautiful website gallery, or other experiential format, we will see! It all depends on you — what kinds of content you’d like to share. Feel free to submit more than one entry at a time. 


Here’s some inspiration.


New to journaling? 

Here are some simple steps to get you going:

  1. Grab a notebook or piece of paper & writing utensil/s of choice.
  2. Head to a nature place — perhaps your backyard or a favorite green space; or, if you’re staying-in-place, settle in a comfortable space looking out a window, or, use these virtual nature scenes (check out our Spotify playlist for some nature sounds, too, if you like!)
  3. Take in the scenery. Notice the small details: a leaf, a flower, the clouds. Feel your breath steady. 
  4. Write. Doodle. Sketch. Rhyme. Use the page as a means to express yourself in whatever form that works for you
  5. Share with us via the form to the left — we will follow up with you from here!


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