Nature Care Package | August

Science continues to reveal how nature can heal us — helping us thwart depression, boost mental health and uplift spirits. Essential stuff these pandemic-days, clearly: an analysis of 50 million tweets a day shows that we’re flocking to parks in droves to cheer up.

When thinking of all the good feels (and super potent benefits) that nature brings, we may wonder how this can be harnessed to promote positive change — culturally? As a society? This month’s curated picks aim to shed a little light on how people are tapping into nature for both personal and societal change. 

Strength in Nature

This DC community looks to their Sacred Place as source of solace and creative expression — and as a rallying point for Black Lives Matter, with booming cries for equity and justice greater than any in a generation. 

See just how.   

Fly By Light

This beautiful film follows the lives of four unforgettable young people as they leave the streets to participate in an outdoor peace education program. Free to view for one week.

View this film for free (just this week!)  

Unrest and Renewal.

What role can nature play in reviving a community struggling with decades of persistent poverty, crime and misfortune? A large one.

Read the story about Sandtown-Winchester  


You and your young people will enjoy this NYT round up of timely new picture books that conjure up the feeling of wonder you feel in nature, and “confirm that a whole world is waiting out there: patient, green and lovely.”

View the NYT picks here  

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