Nature-in-Place Curated Picks
May 15 Dispatch

Here on the east coast, our world is vibrant. And it’s sparking all the yearnings to go outside. If you ache for something beyond your window-view, we’ve got you. This week’s picks transport us to the jungle, the ocean and imaginative destinations in our back yards.

Full audio immersion.

Press play on this audio playlist and your living room, office or kitchen will transform into a nature retreat by a stream, forest, beach or mountaintop. We’re particularly fond of our handiwork with the wind chimes. (Kidding on the wind chimes work — thanks, Spotify!)

Enjoy Calm in the Time of COVID  

Thinking about the future? 

Florence Williams, our friend and author of The Nature Fix, will explain “why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative” — and will moderate a conversation with three emerging environmental leaders as part of the SHIFT Health & Nature webinar series. (Which is a very awesome series, btw). 

Attend the 5/26 webinar   

Experience the Amazon in Virtual Reality

Wow. Conservation International has produced a breathtaking short film that lends an inspiring visual perspective of the world’s largest rainforest — and its people, nature and creatures. 

Check out this Nature Escape Room  

We’re ready to move in!

But darn. We don’t fit. Bear & Lion shows us how to make these amazing fairy houses from stuff you can find in your yard. This mystical craft is sure to keep eyes off screens for a good, mindful spell. 

Make your own fairy house  

How’s it going — you & nature?

This quiz from the University of Minnesota will let you know! Answer a few questions to see where you’re already making good choices and where you need to make a change.

Take the quiz!  

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