Nature Sacred partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to create template for “Sacred Groves”

Thanks to the Arbor Day Foundation’s invitation to Nature Sacred, available now is a new template for creating “Sacred Groves”—Sacred Places that prominently feature trees—for inclusion in their online library of community resources. This template is free to download and serves as a roadmap for communities interested in establishing a Sacred Grove. Additionally, these communities can use the template to apply for available grant funding through the Arbor Day Foundation, or other funding sources, to support the creation of their green spaces.

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with the Arbor Day Foundation,” said Alden Stoner, CEO of Nature Sacred. “And we’re eager to see how communities respond.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity to continue growing awareness of Sacred Places, and Nature Sacred’s community-driven model for envisioning healing green spaces. Just imagine if there were a Sacred Grove in every community providing shade, reducing heat, and serving as a hub of healing and joy for all! ”

The template reflects the same community-centered process and five core design components—portal, path, destination, surround, and the Nature Sacred bench—that are used in the creation of all Sacred Places.

Download the Report