Nature Tag — You’re it!

We’re all in this together—this we can take comfort in during this time of crisis. While remaining socially distant is by every means the right thing to do for our physical health—staying in place can take its toll on our mental health. No question. 

Here’s an antidote: get thee outside—CDC-style, of course! Set aside 20 minutes to be in nature, even small pockets of it. (Just be sure to keep 6’ between you and anyone else and don’t go if you feel unwell).

As we recently talked about, science continues to prove the benefits of being in nature—and here at Nature Sacred, we’re heeding the call to get outside.

And you know what? We miss everyone. So, here’s what we propose: let’s boost our moods by being in nature—and let’s combat the social isolation by playing a little game of CDC-acceptable #NatureTag! 

Here’s how:

  1. Find a spot in nature—if you have one nearby—and go to it.*
  2. Breathe deeply. Let your mind wander. Press pause. 
  3. Snap a pic of your nature moment—selfie or non. 
  4. Bonus points: bring a notebook and share a sketch, thought or doodle. (Did you know that doodling is proven to also bring benefits? It’s true!
  5. Post your pic on social media with hashtags #NatureTag #NatureHeals

*If your park is closed or you can’t get outdoors—feel free to snap a pic of your favorite view of nature from a window, or a house plant or a recent nature-memory—creative entries are welcomed!

See what we’re doing? Feeling good and coming together. Join us!