Our Commitment

We are rocked by recent events. We are deeply saddened by the losses this nation has suffered in recent weeks. We kneel in solidarity against racial injustice.

We believe that nature is a right that should be afforded to every individual — like air to breathe and water to drink — we need nature to thrive. It is through nature, the act of reconnecting with it, that we can realize healthier, safer and more inclusive societies.

However, the reality exists that for centuries nature has not been a sanctuary for all people in America.

If this is to change, we realize that we all will need to do more. We are recommitting to doing our part at Nature Sacred to combat racism, bigotry, fear, and hate. We will continue to work toward a world of inclusion, unity, and peace; one where every person has access to quiet, contemplative nature spaces. We are continuing to learn, improve, and as always, we remain open.

To help achieve this, and to promote the healing power of nature for all, this is our immediate plan, which will continue to evolve. We will:

  • Double down on our efforts to use our platforms and processes to better listen, understand and amplify the voices of black communities within the Nature Sacred Network and beyond.
  • Evaluate our organizational practices and processes and create a roadmap for improvement.
  • Further our investment for programming and new Sacred Places in communities of color to increase equitable access to and foster deeper connections with nature.

Nature heals; but only if you can experience it freely and without fear. We will continue to listen, learn, grow and work toward a day when everyone can experience the healing power of nature.