Preliminary Analysis of TKF “Book & Bench” texts

Preliminary Analysis of TKF “Book & Bench” texts using unsupervised semantic mapping of natural language with Leximancer concept mapping #CEL001. In Cornell Civic Ecology Lab (Ed.), Civic Ecology Lab White Paper Series

In 2011, one of the research teams competing for a TKF Foundation National Nature Sacred Award grant proposed exploring the creation and stewardship of open spaces and sacred places in Joplin, MO and Detroit, MI. Their winning proposal also involved conducting a preliminary analysis of TKF Open Space Sacred Place (OSSP) journal entries collected from multiple Sacred Places sites from the years 2000-2010. These journals are blank books or diaries located at the sites in which any and all visitors to or users of the site are free to write. This research update represents a brief introduction to the Leximancer approach and method used to conduct the preliminary analysis, followed by “snapshots” of the analysis itself. The authors intend this to be a “research update” — and not a reporting of final results.  

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