‘Re-words’ and ‘Do-over Words’: Using Nature to Recover from Disasters

Link between concepts, themes, connectivity and relevance from research in New Orleans. Source: The Nature of Cities.
Rebirth. Reboot. Recover. Reconnect. Reenergize.

“These words are interesting because of what so many of them represent. They are ‘do-over’ words. Words that indicate another opportunity, a second chance,” says Dr. Keith Tidball, a Senior Extension Associate in the Department of Natural Resources, in a post on The Nature of Cities. “They suggest alternate endings and outcomes, improved performance or satisfaction, a kind of optimism and hopefulness that a second chance means a better conclusion.”

Tidball serves as the department’s Associate Director of the Civic Ecology Lab and Program Leader for both the Nature & Human Security Program and the Communities and Urban Forests Extension Program. His work focuses on how people interact with nature and how reconnecting with the natural world in the wake of disasters and other calamities can truly help renew and re-energize people.

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