Recognizing Stewardship Practices as Indicators of Social Resilience

Recognizing Stewardship Practices as Indicators of Social Resilience: In Living Memorials and in a Community Garden, Sustainability

This paper addresses the questions: How can social resilience indicators be operationalized as stewardship practices in an urban context? The authors analyzed qualitative data from community managed-open spaces in the New York City area that have responded to various chronic presses and acute disturbances including a hurricane and a terrorist attack. Grounded, empirically observable stewardship practices that demonstrate the following indicators of social resilience at the community level are identified and characterized: place attachment, social cohesion, social networks, and knowledge exchange and diversification. — (Abstract)

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Photo credit above: Stewards planting trees together in Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, NY, USA (Photo from USFS 2002). Source



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