Recommended Reading: Maryland’s Commitment to Urban, Rural Forests

Recent legislation has demonstrated the state of Maryland’s commitment to “no net loss” of its urban and rural forests, according to an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun.

“With this safeguard in place, we can be confident that Maryland’s air will be cleaner, our native wildlife habitats will be richer, and the Chesapeake Bay will be healthier and more productive than they possibly could have been if we had failed to act,” wrote Jacqueline M. Carrera and Erik M. Dihle.

This dedication to preserving the state’s natural beauty was possible in part because of policymakers who realized that forests — and nature settings, in general — are just as important in cities as they are in rural areas. Not only do they provide residents natural spaces where residents can ease their stress, improve their mental health and get exercise, but they can also reduce energy costs, increase home values and reverse the effects of climate change.

In Maryland, Baltimore City helping to lead the pro-greenspace charge. The city is currently working to follow through on then-Mayor Martin O’Malley’s pledge to double the city’s tree canopy to 40 percent by 2037. The number currently stands at 27 percent.

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