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Brenton Arboretum

A place of peace, quiet and solitude, the Brenton Arboretum is dedicated to inspiring joy through the beauty and knowledge of the natural world of trees to its growing number of visitors.

Community park

25141 260th St
Dallas Center, IA 50063

With over 2,500 different trees and shrubs representing 500 different taxa of plants on display, the Brenton Arboretum centers its focus on celebrating trees and encouraging its visitors to learn and care for trees as well. Trees are strategically placed throughout the arboretum, blocking any views that would be clogged with outside distractions such as buildings or construction.

The Brenton Arboretum also plans to develop a new “Meditation Trail” through its existing conifer and crabapple orchards. The path will be accessible to all, and is specifically dedicated to encouraging self-reflection and meditation.

Firesoul Info

Melissa Burdick

Melissa Burdeck is a story-teller who brings to life the plants that surround us, both common and rare. A self-described “plant nerd,” Melissa’s passion for growing both plants and communities shines through as the executive director of The Brenton Arboretum in Dallas Center, IA. In her responsibility as a Firesoul, Melissa works to inspire visitors…

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