Cooperative Community Development, Inc. (CCD) is a Baltimore-based nonprofit focused on creating an architecturally beautiful, healthy, diverse, cohesive community of choice built on mutual respect. They believe all in the City of Baltimore share responsibility to foster inclusivity and embrace diversity – from race, gender, and sexual orientation to economic, educational, and housing choice. The CCD community model is one where residents both contribute to and benefit from a community that is self-sustaining economically, socially, and ecologically.

Nature Sacred will provide a masterplan and site designs for 4 sites managed by CCD. These sites are already community hubs and resource centers, offering community members, particularly the sizable neighborhood youth population, a safe place to gather, volunteer, and be in nature. This masterplan will catalyze CCD’s ability to revitalize all 4 sites together into a network of green spaces. This would also establish and support a culture of community service and continue to galvanize the community around a shared vision for progress and equitable development. Part of the designs will also honor the life and legacy of one of Irvington’s Generals, Mr. George Little, who devoted much of his time to helping the neighborhood.

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