Nestled in Gadsden, Alabama, the Gunn Bellenger House has stood the test of time. It is a beautiful Victorian-style home that was built in the early 1900s. The Gunn Bellenger House is classic Victorian: white checkered wrap around porch, complete with light green arches, a sprawling lawn, contrasting light and dark paneling. It makes for a serene setting for weddings, but landscape designer and owner of a local garden shop Jennifer Finlayson wants to take the Gunn Bellenger House to the next level by creating a reflection garden for all to enjoy.

“The OSSP garden will provide an enclosed space to enjoy all of the natural elements of the outdoors,” Finlayson says. “It [will] provide beauty for the senses; sounds from the wind chimes, fragrance of the seasonal plants and flowers, views of the changing landscape that incorporate all four seasons, and the texture of the various landscape elements.”

Inspired by her core value of giving back to her community, Finlayson hopes that the reflection garden will be a Sacred Place for all in Gadsden.

“Children are provided outdoor interaction with nature, while adults take some time for reflection and artistic creativity, whether it be writing, painting, or just a time of refreshing for the mind, body and spirit,” Finlayson said.