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Sensory Garden at the Gadsden Public Library

The Sensory Garden is an interactive space which allows for healing and thought through the enjoyment of herbs, tending to plants, and simply strengthening oneself. By healing visitors from the inside out, real lasting change can take hold.

254 S. College Street Gadsen, AL

The Gadsden Public Library is a center of learning, reflection, and peace. The mission of their Sacred Place, the Sensory Garden, is no different. Inspiration for the garden developed from the desire for children to utilize all of their senses in the process of learning, and to have a place to both grow and heal as well. The garden is a haven for the Gadsden community to grow emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and creatively.

Aligned with the mission of the library, the Gadsden Public Library’s Sacred Place sensory garden is centered around inclusion. With a clear focus, this space aims to facilitate learning, encourage teens and youth to be self-directed and motivated, and to provide members of the community a place to find solace, support, and relaxation. Among its proposed features is an herb garden that offers therapeutic learning—a way for students with special needs to further develop their vocational, educational, social, and therapeutic skills into their daily routines.

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