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627 Battle Street West, Talladega, AL 35160, USA

About this Sacred Place

In the historic district of Talladega, AL, and tucked in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, sits Talladega College, Alabama’s oldest private historically black college. The campus is uniquely positioned for a Sacred Place—as it resides in an already quiet place, removed from nearby urban hustle. In recent years, the college has conducted a hot of initiatives focusing on increasing its interaction with the surrounding community, and a Sacred Place was yet another outlet to accomplish this. This Sacred Place is outside the college’s Chapel—one of the campus hallmarks and home to most of the campus engagement—providing outdoor seating where previously the chapel steps were the only option. Amidst an academic environment that can be intense and ever active, this Sacred Place reemphasizes the importance of moments of relaxation and allowing time to absorb what one is learning. It is an opportunity to let the student body, staff and public come to sit, reflect, and renew in a serene, natural setting.

Hear original Firesoul  Seddrick T. Hill Sr. speak on how this OSSP will unify Talladega College/community.

Hear project supports Mary Sood & Mililani Sinclair speak on how impactful the OSSP will be.