About this Sacred Place

Urban Dreams, an organization providing a wide range of human service programs that break down barriers for underserved and underrepresented populations, has been serving the Des Moines community since 1985. Every year, the number of people served by the organization increases — and their programs and services increase with it. With programs such as a food pantry, mental health and substance abuse treatment, community connection gatherings, and more, Urban Dreams is in need of expanded office space. The new building, the 11,000 square foot Wellmark Urban Dreams Community Center, will allow them to fill their community’s needs better and carry out their work more effectively, offering bright natural light, an esports lab, dedicated space for the mental health and substance abuse treatment programs, a food pantry community members can easily browse, and a large event space with outdoor access.

Understanding the importance of nature in this suite of services, Urban Dreams reached out to Nature Sacred to help design a Sacred Place at the new premises. Nature Sacred is eager to partner with Urban Dreams again on their new space after previously collaborating with them on their former office space to activate their courtyard as a Sacred Place.


Design Team

Devon Moody, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, Confluence

Madison Dierks, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, Confluence

Tim Hickman, architect, Substance