Springing up in the Nature Sacred Network

Sacred Place at Amazing Port Street Garden, Baltimore, MD


The Nature Sacred Firesoul Network has been busy in these first few months of 2023!  

Last year in small and large group connection sessions, Firesouls from Topeka, KS to Washington, D.C. shared that while time is limited, and inboxes are overflowing, they are eager to maximize the benefits of the Network programs, events, and resources. In response, this January we launched the brand new Firesoul Gateway, a comprehensive online portal. Through the Gateway, Firesouls can view resources and ideas for activating their Sacred Places with programming and events, apply for g rant funding to support these programs and other site needs, connect with one another, keep up to date on the latest Nature Sacred news and more. 

Sacred Place at Naval Cemetery Landscape, Brooklyn, NY

In our 25 years of supporting Sacred Places, we have found the two main indicators of success for long term maintenance and sustainability of these sites are an active Firesoul and a steady stream of invitations for community members to engage in the site through free programs and events. Our Enrichment and Enhancement Grant Program was established to provide the Firesouls and stewards of these amazing Sacred Places the resources to ensure they thrive and grow for their communities. This funding support can assist Firesouls in enhancing their Sacred Place and engaging community members in free programs, events, and activities. 

On March 1, our first Enrichment & Enhancement Grants round closed. We look forward to supporting a variety of programming and enhancements this spring. From crab feasts to Mother’s Day celebrations, our Firesouls are always thinking of new and creative ways to engage with their communities in nature. 

As the Network grows, so do opportunities for Firesouls to engage with one another. We held our first two Affinity Group meetings of the year for Firesouls: Healthcare and Interfaith Affinity Groups. We have more planned for the rest of the year, including an in-person tour of urban farm sites in Baltimore with our Community Farming Firesouls, a labyrinth walk, and additional peer-to-peer learning sessions and engagement opportunities.  

The Network is a place with the aim that Firesouls can feel less alone, more connected, and truly supported. In our recent Interfaith Affinity Group, Pastor Michael Martin from Stillmeadow PeacePark closed out the session with profound words – a demonstration of why this Network exists:  

“This is my first experience with one of these meetings. I am so emotional right now, because this feels like when you don’t know that your tribe is just over the hill... Whether it’s a desire for a labyrinth or an herb garden it seems like this Network is the place to go to get started. To realize that there are resources and thought leaders at our fingertips and even close by – this is so incredible to me.”

— Pastor Michael Martin


Sacred Place at BLISS Meadows, Baltimore, MD