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Protect Nature and Be Protected

We are approaching nearly 40 years of research about the linkages between nature experiences and human disease prevention and health promotion. Outdoor spaces that offer sanctuary and support relaxation and reflection provide mental and physical health benefits. When we commit to protecting and conserving our nearby nature spaces, we ultimately protect and heal ourselves. The western medical community…

Reclaim Quiet, Civic Sacred Space

We are bombarded with sensory input everyday, all the time. Car horn blasts, background cell-phone conversations, car exhaust, and digital screens wherever our eyes may wander. Constant stimulation is harmful to health. Urban residents need community spaces that serve as buffers from the sights and sounds of a city; elevating health and well-being for all….

"There needs to be more true outlets for secrets, desires and confessions. I am glad this place, this book, is one. It is a less indulgent form of therapy and tiny step towards releasing the thoughts, desires, which haunt you."

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