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Open Voices News Roundup: January 28

Every week, we bring you the latest news in placemaking, landscape architecture, the nature-mental health link, and much more. Check back each week for new roundups and items. When Trees Die, People Die The curious connection between an invasive beetle that has destroyed over 100 million trees, and subsequent heart disease and pneumonia in the…

A Renaissance of Jobs and Positive Change: How Green Spaces Can Create Both

ASLA’s excellent blog The Dirt was also at the Greater & Greener (see our coverage here) conference in New York City last week, and has two wonderful posts up recapping some important sessions that took place. The sessions, while focusing on different topics, both spoke to an idea that we firmly believe in — that…

Open Voices News Roundup: The Greater & Greener Version

Tuesday marked the last day of “Greater & Greener: Re-Imagining Parks for 21st Century Cities,” the excellent summit put on by City Parks Alliance in New York City. But while the panels are over and the attendees have scattered back home across the globe, the ideas and discussions that sparked at the conference will launch some great new initiatives and movements.

Lots of interesting news also came out of the conference this week — so here is this week’s roundup, with a Greater & Greener bent!

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Greater & Greener Report: Funding the New Green City

“Alternative funding models for parks, while essential to helping our cities add and keep open space, are also raising many questions. How do we keep the public dollars in parks? How does a city balance the needs of downtown investment with neighborhood development? How can we marry private sector innovation with equitable provision of space…

Do Greenspaces Equal Greenbacks? The Economic Case for Urban Parks

More and more people are seeing the potential of urban greenspaces and parks to act as economic catalysts for cities. Read more to find out why….

Greater & Greener: The Largest Urban Park Gathering in History

We’re reporting from the largest urban parks gathering in history — Greater & Greener: The International Urban Parks Conference, presented by City Parks Alliance. The purpose of the conference? To “increase awareness of the positive impact that parks and green spaces have on our urban communities and explore how urban parks will be designed, developed, programmed, funded and sustained to meet future demands.”…

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