Convening in the Capital: D.C. Firesouls gather for a Lunch and Learn session

In November 2022, we held our very first in-person Affinity Group Meeting with D.C. Firesouls! We gathered at Washington Parks & People’s Riverside Healthy Living Center for a lunch and learn session.

This meeting was intended to bring D.C Firesouls together to share resources, ideas, successes and challenges, and we did just that!

  • Ashley, one of Marvin Gaye Greening Center’s new Firesouls, shared an incredible idea for a mobile Sacred Place, sponsored by Washington Parks and People — we’d love to brainstorm on this some more!
  • Folks from Washington Parks & People and Cheryl Dixon from Langdon Community Park shared some bureaucratic challenges regarding the city’s policies with green space stewardship, and as a result public usage and programming.
  • Firesouls also expressed some concern about journals. Nature Sacred is happy to replace journals that have been destroyed or taken at anytime! Please make sure that you have the correct ‘new’ journals with waterproof paper. These will have a QR code on the back. If you need one or several new journals, please reach out to me! Another tip is to have a dedicated journal that you keep at your home or office and bring out during events only – that way at least one journal with entries is protected from theft and can spark community writings during programs and events.

Lastly, a huge thank you to Steve, Behnam and Ashley for hosting us at the Riverside Healthy Living Center!

It’s always a such a pleasure to meet with each and every Firesoul, and to hear and share about their amazing work stewarding their sites, supporting their communities, and bringing joy to all through nature.