The Marvin Gaye Greening Center, a base for educational and stewardship programming at Marvin Gaye Park, is a site run by Washington Parks & People. 

Nature Sacred partnered with Washington Parks & People to elevate the Marvin Gaye Greening Center into a full-fledged Sacred Place. The 1-acre site is home to farm beds and hoop houses, an orchard, a stage, and an outdoor kitchen. Through the Sacred Place design process, the southeast corner of the Greening Center was more fully activated. Fruit trees and shrubs line the perimeter, forming a lush and spacious outdoor room. Grapes and raspberries twine up the inside of the fence, while vibrantly colored portraits by Life Pieces to Masterpieces line the outside to catch the eye of passersby on the street. The Nature Sacred bench is nestled at the end of a serviceberry allee, overlooking the rest of the site.


Design Team:

Jack Sullivan, Nature Sacred Design Advisor, University of Maryland, working as a consultant to Jeffrey Catts. 

Jeffrey Catts, landscape architect, Washington Parks & People