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Beth Tohn

Beth considers herself to be a cultivator of minds, gardens, appetites and communities. As an educator, Beth cultivates curiosity and empowers young people to embrace their own journeys to becoming engaged citizens. As the chair of the Charles Village Garden Walk since 2016, Beth has cultivated community pride and recognition of how we use outdoor spaces through the annual tour of our public and private gardens in the Charles Village neighborhood. As a community leader and president of the VLP board, Beth cultivates belonging by gathering people together in community to imagine how to be better together and work to cultivate that future. As a chef, she cultivates community connection, often around her table, sharing the bounty of nature, nourishing our souls. As a mother, partner, and grandma, Beth cultivates a future where human endeavors align with our natural world to achieve sustainable spiritual and physical balance.

The Village Learning Place (VLP) is fortunate to enjoy a long relationship with and the support of Nature Sacred in our ongoing work to develop a welcoming garden for the entire community. The VLP garden serves an integral role in fulfilling our mission to promote literacy, cultural awareness, and lifelong learning through access for all ages to information, resources, and educational programs.


My Sacred Place

Village Learning Place

The VIllage Place, a local library in the Charles Village neighborhood of Baltimore, proudly serves as a symbol of local pride and a gathering place for a diverse community. Their Sacred Place is a regreened parking lot that is now home to an active garden for reflection as well as activities and programming.

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Alex Bull

Alex is a Baltimore local and works with a variety of organizations in various communities in Baltimore City. Alex feels fortunate to hav e grown up with plenty of access to nature experiences. He is now dedicated to affording others in his community that same opportunity as a Firesoul and community steward....


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