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Benjamin Ingram

Dr. Benjamin Ingram is the President of Piedmont Healthcare Authority in Piedmont, AL. In addition, Dr. Ingram is a practicing General Dentist. At Piedmont Healthcare Authority, Dr. Ingram oversees the 91 resident Specialty Care Nursing Home, the 16 resident Specialty Care Assisted Living facility and the Piedmont Benevolence Center. 
Dr. Ingram was central to guiding the design plans for Timeless Seasons in the Sun, ensuring that the space would reflect the needs of his residents. He continues to passionately take on the role of Co-Firesoul at Timeless Seasons in the Sun. He created a guided audio tour of the space. 

My Sacred Place

Timeless Season in the Sun at the Piedmont Health Care Center, in partnership with CFNEA

This Sacred Place is truly a holistic healing for individuals of all ages who come here for peace and reflection.

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