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Beth Wolff

Beth serves as pastor at Clarksburg Church. She believes that the world is a sacred place. Even in the darkest, most forgotten spaces…

For Beth, being in nature, specifically gardening, is an activity that is spiritual and healing. As an advocate in her community, she is passionate about helping to provide her community with the green space needed to make sprawling neighborhoods feel more like homes than just brick-and-mortar houses.

From there we began to dream together about the Clarksburg Yard, a sacred space for neighbors, both old and young, to come together and BE known, BE together, BE seen, BE heard, and BE loved.

My Sacred Place

The Clarksburg Yard – Coming Soon

A 10-acre gathering space and natural oasis specially intended for students.

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Rev. Cherie Smith has served as the Director of the Pastoral Care Department at Medstar Franklin Square for 20 years. She provides spiritual and emotional support to patients, families and hospital associates while also  serving as co-chair of the Wellness Team.Rev. Cherie I loves her hospital and the people who work there and finds joy...


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