About this Sacred Place

Clarksburg, once a largely undeveloped rural area, has experienced a period of swelling population growth in the last ten years, which has necessitated a great deal of housing construction. Due to the speed of this development, the area has become primarily residential without the support of other social infrastructure, such as a town center, a transitway, and places to connect and gather. While adults can more easily find community in the nearby towns, young adults cannot.

The Clarksburg Yard, situated on Clarksburg Church’s 10-acre property, aims to fill that gap. It will provide this much-needed gathering space to the entire Clarksburg community, an intentional natural oasis in a town growing so fast there is very little green left. Because of its location along a walkway used by students at Clarksburg High School and Rocky Hill Middle School, and the church’s hosting of 12 service learning projects, this space will be a stopping point where students can gather and linger. Nature Sacred will collaborate with the church and its partners to compile a masterplan for the property, including a Sacred Place design for the highly visible front acre.