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Bri’Anna Horne

Bri’Anna Horne (she/her) is a Baltimore-born scientist, educator, rock climber, artist, and outdoor enthusiast. She has committed years of work to equity and strategic community development initiatives that strengthen the relationships between black and brown folks to their passions, the outdoors, healing, and each other.

Bri’Anna studied Biology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, subsequently continuing her exploration of living things as a microbiologist. Horne’s education fueled her curiosity to gain a deeper understanding of the world, improve lives, and solve problems, on both a microscopic and global scale.
Outside of the classroom, Bri’Anna gained over 10 years of experience as an outdoor educator, working at institutions such as Cylburn Arboretum, the National Aquarium, and Clean Water Action. She has presented as a guest lecturer and panelist for nearly 20 college courses and events; has been a contributing author in 10 scientific publications, and has been featured in over 6 magazines and newspapers articles including Blue Ridge Outdoors, Baltimore Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, and The Washington Post. With this experience, Bri’Anna has had the opportunity to observe how large and small scientific and outdoor institutions engage with black and brown communities. Though many were successful, the missteps inspired Bri’Anna to rethink this engagement. She had a specific interest in addressing significant gaps in access, leadership opportunities, and inadequate support for growth.

Bri’Anna began rock climbing in 2018. Though many of the climbing experiences mirrored those within other outdoor sports and organizations Horne saw a world of potential for the sport in black and brown communities: low-pressure community building, a pipeline from neighborhood climbing to the outdoors, and the opportunity to open up a dialogue about movement and wellness in black and brown communities. Bri’Anna Horne founded Pigtown Climbs and brought on ten other incredibly talented leaders to help this organization become a reality. Now the organization operates with the support of over 300 volunteers.

Nature and Sacred Places are important to me and my community because they provide a source of connection, reflection, healing, environmental awareness, and community bonding. They enhance our well-being, deepen our understanding of the natural world, and inspire us to care for and cherish our precious planet.

My Sacred Place

Pigtown Climbs – Coming Soon

A Sacred Place that combines a rock climbing wall and recreational facility with a restorative community space.

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