Pigtown Climbs is a community-driven organization and space that uses climbing and sustainable programming to foster black liberation, promote wellness, and connect the communities of Southwest Baltimore to the outdoors. They hope to expand this mission into a physical outdoor climbing and community space that neighbors can grow in for years to come. Their space and programming exist to uplift self-identified black and brown folks, minimize barriers to getting
outdoors, and prioritize accessibility.

This site is located in a very visible location, right on a main street corner with shops surrounding it. As such, this space has the potential to be a beacon for the street and the neighborhood, in addition to being a community healing space and a much-needed recreational facility. Pigtown Climbs’ plans for this space are quite unique as the back portion of the space will become a climbing wall, while the front area along the street will become a community contemplative and gathering space. While the back portion will remain fenced for security purposes, the front area will be open at all times, and both portions of the site will be actively programmed to draw community members in.