Dick Blackburn

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Dick Blackburn

Photo credit: Maureen Porto. 

My Sacred Place

Barton Park (formerly Whitman Walker Clinic)

The labyrinth in this Sacred Place is unique for having been previously located at Whitman-Walker Clinic, and painstakingly deconstructed, labeled, and reconstructed at its new location with the tireless work of many dedicated volunteers. Now at Barton Park, it continues to provide reflection and healing to those who walk its path.

Meet Another Firesoul

Samantha Baker-Carr

A volunteer coordinator for Baltimore Community Mediation Center, Samantha Baker-Carr has used her passion for mediation to further the initiative of the organization to provide free mediation services all across Baltimore. Samantha serves as the Firesoul for the Sacred Place at the Baltimore Community Mediation Center. Built to provide refuge for its residents, it is...


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