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Ginger DeLuca

Ginger was born in Annapolis at the Naval Academy Hospital when her father was attending Post-graduate school at the Academy. Her family then continued on to many locations throughout her childhood. She learned to sail as a teen while living in Florida, and has loved the sea ever since.

17 years ago, Ginger returned to Annapolis because of the sailing community, which she has been a part of for the last 50 years. She is a member of the Eastport Yacht Club “Green Team” as well as the head of the St. Anne’s Environmental Ministry. Ginger also served 2 two-year terms on the Annapolis Environmental Commission.

For the last seven years, Ginger has served as co-chair of the St. Anne’s Cemetery Committee. This 323 year old cemetery which had been rather neglected for many years, but with a small but dedicated team of volunteers, is now revived.

Once again, St. Anne’s cemetery is becoming a welcoming burial “park”, where people from Annapolis can come and walk the 17 acres along College Creek and enjoy the solitude of this sacred ground while literally walking through the history of Annapolis.

Ginger is dedicated to supporting the Annapolis community by stewarding this Sacred Place.

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