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Katie Long

Katie Long is the Program Director with Friends of Patterson Park (FPP), located in Baltimore, Maryland.  With FPP, Katie supports and coordinates free year-round soccer program, tennis clinics, zumba and fitness programs, healthy living seminars and projects, summer concert series and many other park events. Katie is a fluent Spanish-speaker and serves as the liaison to Patterson Park’s immigrant community. She is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and has a master of art degree in intercultural communication.

My Sacred Place

Patterson Park Joseph Beuys Garden

242 indigenous trees were planted locally as social sculpture in Patterson Park, Carroll Park, Wyman Park Dell, and at UMBC. During the first phase, the project initiators provided 100 trees each at Patterson and Carroll Parks, 12 trees and 4 stones at Wyman Park Dell, and 30 oak trees and granite stones at UMBC. A special ceremony at each site celebrated the revitalized landscape.

Meet Another Firesoul

Melissa Bierman

Melissa Bierman is a registered Horticultural Therapist in Behavioral Health at Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon. She manages two ambulatory care sites that implement horticultural therapy programming for community wellness. She also manages the installation of raised community garden beds and a farmers market on the hospitals campus.  Melissa has specialty and experience in therapeutic...


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