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Joe Migas

Joe and his family have lived in the District since the late 80s, and have been members of Luther Place since 1994. Joe enjoys working with other members of the church community to make the gardens surrounding Luther Place a welcoming slice of beauty and peace amongst the surrounding neighborhood streets and businesses.

The history of Luther Place is built around an invitation to join neighbors in hospitality, and the grounds surrounding the church are part of that welcome to all. For residents of the blocks surrounding 14th an N Streets, and for visitors from around the world, we want the Sacred Place outside of the church to express a welcome to all.

My Sacred Place

Luther Place Memorial Church – Coming Soon

A Sacred Place integrated into the existing series of micro-gardens at Luther Place Memorial Church.

Meet Another Firesoul

Paul Willey

Paul has worked for the environment for over 30 years and believes that sharing the outdoors is a wonderful thing to do. For Paul, walk along a quiet shoreline is the best ever and to find a bench to sit and reflect is even better.  ...


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