Built in 1873 and registered with the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, Luther Place Memorial Church is both historic and continually seeking ways to be engaged faithfully with today’s world. They are prayerful, spiritual, collaborative and engaged in the world; a dynamic community of disciples offering hospitality through worship, fellowship, and ministry, and welcome all to be a part of this journey. 

The church is a gateway to the 14th Street NW corridor of Washington DC. While much of the area is wealthy, there are also many unhoused people living in this area. It is an intersection of people from many backgrounds, including Latine residents who have organized to buy buildings and convert them to co-ops. The church has seven existing micro-gardens that they would like to rejuvenate and connect further. There is an existing sidewalk system that already encircles the property, and a Sacred Place would fit right in with the series of gardens that exist already, provide additional seating, and invite people to linger in this space.