Lisa Lindsay-Mondoro

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Lisa Lindsay-Mondoro

Photo credit: Maureen Porto. 

My Sacred Place

Arundel Community Development Services, Inc.- Wiley H. Bates Memorial Courtyard

The courtyard is the central focal point for the community complex, the primary entryway into the museum exhibit space dedicated to honoring the legacy of Wiley H. Bates and a place for visitors and alumni to meditate and reflect upon memories of Bates High School.

Meet Another Firesoul

Dr. Mike Sherlock

As a pediatrician, Mike Sherlock’s interest in living things extends beyond human anatomy. Plant life—horticulture—is also a passion of his, and one that led him to become a Firesoul in a most organic way. Having moved east from Montana, Mike settled in Baltimore, MD with his family and grew his practice. After gardening his own...


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