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Yorell Tuck

Yorell Tuck serves as the Director of Operations at Stillmeadow Community Projects, where she focuses on providing accessible services to the local community.

Because she has been a lifelong member of the Stillmeadow Community Church, she has been molded by the congregation in many ways. Yorell is honored to be able to serve the people who have invested so much into her and her community. As a Baltimore City native, it has also been her mission to invest in the people of her hometown, developing and implementing solutions that lead to growth. Her passions converge at Stillmeadow, which has established itself as a community anchor. She can channel her passions into serving her Southwest Baltimore neighborhood alongside her Stillmeadow family.

The Stillmeadow PeacePark is one of the major ways that Yorell and her colleagues work to meet the needs of their community by providing people with a place to focus on their spiritual, mental, and physical health. Additionally, it promotes environmental education, stewardship, and justice. It’s a place of beauty, restoration, and healing located in an area in need of those very things.

Stillmeadow PeacePark represents a tool that can enhance the quality of life for Baltimore City residents.

My Sacred Place

Stillmeadow PeacePark – Coming Soon

A 10-acre urban experimental forest affiliated with a Baltimore Resiliency Hub at the Stillmeadow Community Fellowship.

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