Margaret Hardon

A longtime resident of the Georgetown Waterfront, Margaret Hardon demonstrates that there are no limits to the dissemination of environmental healing through nature. A longtime member of Nature Sacred, Hardon has served as the Georgetown Waterfront Park’s Firesoul since it’s opening in 2008. Although a policy advocate for technology on a normal day, Margaret Hardon’s dedication to the Sacred Place is outstanding to say the least.

Where nature and urban life meet, Georgetown Waterfront Park strives to be a place where visitors can create a bond with the environment. A daily visitor of the park herself, Margaret Hardon ensures that avid birds and other explorers of all cultures may have a place of tranquility during their visit.

“It is open space, it is beautiful, it connects urban life with the river and abundant wildlife, it brings us together.”

A lover of community, part of Hardon’s role is to act as a spiritual advocate for the benefits of Georgetown Waterfront Park to all its visitors. According to Hardon, one of the most rewarding parts of being a Firesoul is sharing her passion for beauty and environmental benefits of the park with her community. All are welcome to experience the beautiful Labyrinth and breathtaking river that makes the sacred place what it is – A space of hope and serenity.

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My Sacred Place

Georgetown Waterfront Park

The Georgetown Waterfront Park is the vital last link that joins the 225 miles of public parkland along the Potomac River from the terminus of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, in Cumberland, Maryland, to historic Mt. Vernon, Virginia.

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