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Michelle Hawks Cuellar

Nature often serves as a common ground, a connection for people of all walks of life. For Michelle Hawks Cuellar, it is bringing people together through the outdoors that provides her the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy as a Firesoul.

As a public health researcher, Michelle understands the profound connection between access to nature and increased health and happiness. 

The most rewarding part of my role as a Firesoul is meeting my neighbors, and I draw inspiration from seeing individuals enjoy the sacred space.”

While her sacred place, Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park does not yet have an official name, Michelle plans to engage the community to find a historical figure to commemorate by naming the space after them. As a Firesoul, Michelle listens to and advocates for the sacred space in her community and for her neighbors. By involving the community in the naming process of the park, Michelle is doing just by creating a special tie between the community and the park. It is her creative thinking and dedication to community involvement that drives Michelle’s Firesoul spirit and the wonderful park she manages.

My Sacred Place

Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park

Combine historical meaning and current art, and the result is the Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park — a green space devoted to its community.

Meet Another Firesoul

Antoine Nash

For Antoine, the opportunity to have the history of his community represented in a design specified for healing, peace, positivity, unity, inclusion, and ownership, brings an extreme honor. Representation means everything and even though it comes with huge responsibilities, as a Firesoul, Antoine intends to fulfill his community’s expectations in perpetuity.    ...


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