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Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park

Combine historical meaning and current art, and the result is the Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park — a green space devoted to its community.

Community park

2117 Brookfield Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217

Young people created this unique sculpture garden to voice their thoughts and ideas in what was once a vacant city park. The space is always evolving and changing to reflect the current thoughts and feelings of the Upper Eutaw and Madison Neighborhood Sculpture Park.

The park provides greenery, exercise and playtime equipment in the heart of Baltimore. These aspects are intended to provide solace and mindful reflection to the Sacred Place, while also encouraging creativity by changing the sculptures included in the garden. The park strives to be inclusive of all members of its community: engaging young people in sculpture building and artistic endeavors, while planning programming and activities for more senior community members.

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Michelle Hawks Cuellar

Nature often serves as a common ground, a connection for people of all walks of life. For Michelle Hawks Cuellar, it is bringing people together through the outdoors that provides her the greatest sense of fulfillment and joy as a Firesoul. As a public health researcher, Michelle understands the profound connection between access to nature…

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