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Paul Williams

Firesouls are known for their tenacity, passion, and dedication for innovation and improvements in their community. While those things are important to Paul K. Williams, he incorporates history with modernity in order to have the largest positive impact on his community.

As President of the Historical Congressional Cemetery, Paul’s Sacred Place is steeped in history and lore.

Paul has a passion for historical preservation. In addition to serving as the President of the Cemetery, Paul also runs a blog called the House History Man, which catalogues the different backgrounds of homes and buildings all over the nation’s capital. One of Paul’s main objectives in using the Cemetery as a sacred space is “to introduce our grounds and history to the community.”

The Historical Congressional Cemetery is located in Southeast Washington D.C., directly butting up to the Anacostia River. This Sacred Place is incredibly serene and peaceful, with blooming cherry blossom trees in the spring and a beautiful view of the Anacostia throughout all seasons. The Cemetery hosts different events each month for the surrounding community. Whether it’s an afternoon yoga class or a tour of the prominent LGBT individuals who lay at rest at the Cemetery, this Sacred Place is a hallowed ground that brings peace, serenity, and newfound knowledge to the community.

Paul’s love for history transcends not only that of his Sacred Place but the history of its visitors. Reading the comments that people leave behind in the notebooks at the Cemetery is incredibly rewarding and inspiring to Paul.

“People leave very heartfelt messages in the notebooks that they likely would not say out loud.”

While Paul places incredible emphasis on recognizing the history of his Sacred Place and those who visit it, his humility regarding his role as a Firesoul is inspiring. Paul views his work as a Firesoul as “a facilitator that encourages people to contemplate and communicate, even anonymously.”

Through his humility, selflessness, and dedication, Paul serves as an example of one who truly embodies the traits of a Firesoul.

My Sacred Place

Congressional Cemetery

The Ward Six 9/11 Memorial Grove at Congressional Cemetery broke ground on Arbor Day as the first of nine memorial groves to be placed around the city in memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

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