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Sih Oka-Zeh

Sih works with Pigtown Climbs as the Community Outreach and Engagement Co-Lead. During the work week, she is a Cybersecurity Strategy Consultant, and in her non-working hours, volunteers with Pigtown Climbs. Sih enjoys music, climbing, hiking, and spending time with good people!

Pigtown is a neighborhood that has limited access to greenspace except for Carroll park which is heavily underutilized. A lot of connected to the outdoors for the first time in back yards or our neighborhood parks. We want to be that backyard for the folks in SW Baltimore that don’t have one and didn’t get the chance to explore what being outside could mean for them. Climbing is one means we can support people to find confidence and a sense of belonging with community and with the outdoors and the hope is that our space can facilitate that connection.

My Sacred Place

Pigtown Climbs – Coming Soon

A Sacred Place that combines a rock climbing wall and recreational facility with a restorative community space.

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