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Steven Folks

Steven is the City Manager for the City of Anniston. His Sacred Place allows our young and older Citizens the opportunity and space to reflect upon the rich history that is associated with the West Anniston community.

Steven is dedicated to supporting his community through a variety of mean, including advocacy, event planning and support, mentorship and more. He has been a great asset to his community for decades.

It would be hard to find a young adult who grew up in West Anniston over the past 30 years and was not positively influenced by his tough love ‘Good Choices’ approach to coaching and mentoring young people. — Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama Board Chair, Anthony Cook

Today as City Manager, Steven continues to pour into the lives of others by helping guide them under the proven philosophy of “Good choices lead to good results”.

My Sacred Place

Mural Park at West Anniston Gateway, in partnership with CFNEA

This quarter-acre pocket park will offer a means for reflection; a place for people to feel an understanding of Anniston's rich history; a step towards revitalizing this important neighborhood; and a means to bring people together in the name of unity.

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