Susan Iaquinta

Time isn’t the largest factor in determining who a Firesoul is: it’s the dedication and passion that drives Firesouls to be who they truly are. For Susan Iaquinta, her new title as a Firesoul simply encapsulates the meaningful impact she has already accomplished as major gifts officer for the Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation, Inc.

Currently serving as the Major Gift Officer for the University of Maryland Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Adrienne manages planned gifts and donations that work to improve the atmosphere at the BWMC. These donations serve as an investment in promoting the health and wellness of the community, working to sponsor places like the Healing Garden.

As an ambassador for the Healing Garden, Susan is inspired by the impact the garden has on patients and their families in times of struggle.

“Oftentimes I hear patients tell me how the garden has given them strength and serenity, simply by looking out the window as they recieve treatment for cancer.”

Despite being a new Firesoul, Susan feels rewarded by the network of other Firesouls and individuals who she can connect to for advice on how to best maintain the Healing Garden as a site of tranquility. Growing programming and strategies for the next generation of Firesouls and nature lovers is a crucial part of Susan’s work, and one that aligns perfectly with her responsibilities and passions as a Firesoul.

My Sacred Place

Baltimore Washington Medical Center

At the Healing Garden at the Tate Cancer Center, the green tranquil space is crucial to all members of the center’s community: employees, visitors, patients, families.

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