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Baltimore Washington Medical Center

At the Healing Garden at the Tate Cancer Center, the green tranquil space is crucial to all members of the center’s community: employees, visitors, patients, families.

Hospital garden

300 Hospital Drive
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

The Healing Garden is nestled behind the Tate Cancer Center at the Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Surrounded by lush, grass terraces intricately landscaped with bushes and trees, and beside two rectangle reflection ponds, the outdoor seating area is incredibly serene. This communal gathering space sits upon hundreds of bricks, dedicated by donors, engraved with the names of friends and family, or brief bursts of inspiration.

This serene, peaceful and beautiful spot offers respite and renewal to hospital patients, visitors and employees year-round. The 8,000-square-foot garden features brilliant flowers, several hillside gardens, a winding stream, benches and a rectangular reflecting pool. The Infusion Therapy rooms overlook the healing garden through expansive windows, allowing patients indoors to still enjoy the restorative qualities of the garden.

While the space is often used daily for reflection and contemplation, it also hosts events such as the center’s Cancer Survivor Day, which celebrates the hard work and victory of patients who have beaten their disease.



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Susan Iaquinta

Time isn’t the largest factor in determining who a Firesoul is: it’s the dedication and passion that drives Firesouls to be who they truly are. For Susan Iaquinta, her new title as a Firesoul simply encapsulates the meaningful impact she has already accomplished as major gifts officer for the Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation, Inc….

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