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Timnit Belay

Growing up as a little girl and only child, Timnit used to spend a lot of time wandering around her family’s garden back home in East Africa.

I think this was the main reason that drew me back to the earth when the pandemic hit.

Timnit was living in California when the first stay-at-home mandate was ordered. But Timnit is a go getter, and nature called to her; she joined the WWOOF USA, an organization that connects folks with farmers around the country. After relocating to New York State, she continued volunteering with farms in CA, WA, PA, MD and DC. Timnit’s journey has taught her a lot — especially how to live in harmony with ecosystem and care for the nature around us.

I believe nature is home and no one can be negligent or destructive to his/her own home – the Sacred Place. My little contribution to the sustainability of nature could be a single one of the 100 million or more puzzle pieces pictured. Yet each piece matters, every single piece plays a role to bring the outcome of wholesomeness. Isn’t that phenomenal how the tiny stars in the vast firmament play their roles? Let’s shine on earth as the stars do in the skies!

My Sacred Place

Marvin Gaye Greening Center, in partnership with Washington Parks & People

A 1-acre urban farm operated by Washington Parks & People hosting educational programming and stewardship in DC.

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