Sacred Place Types

Nature Sacred exists to inspire, inform and guide communities in the creation of public green spaces—called Sacred Places—designed to improve mental health, unify communities and engender peace. Through a customizable, community-led process and an evidence-based design model, each Sacred Place is bonded together by a common goal: to reconnect people with nature in ways that heal, restore and strengthen. 


Labyrinths offer an ancient antidote to modern stress through intentional mindfulness.

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Community park

Community Park

Intimate gardens, open to all, situated in any number of places: within larger green spaces, in a reclaimed abandoned lot, on grounds of a church, temple or mosque.

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Hospital garden

Healing Garden

Can be located on properties such as hospitals, veterans/military hospitals and rehabilitation centers, hospice centers, and senior living communities.

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Memorial garden

Memorial Garden

Memorial gardens provide communities with a space to gather and reflect on either individual or community events that impacted the neighborhood.

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Prison garden

Prison Garden

Prison gardens provide a much-needed contemplative space offering inmates an opportunity to reconnect with nature which can be an important catalyst to self improvement.

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"Today I became someone different. I made something very special come alive. A place where we could sit, think, get outside and get our minds together."

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