New Report | The Power of Sacred Places

Landscape architects and designers have a unique ability to create healthier, more beautiful, and more resilient built environments. Meanwhile, a large body of research exists on both the benefits of nature as healing space and the methodology of how to design green spaces to maximize healing benefits. Here, we build on Nature Sacred’s first Healing Power of Nature report, bridging the documented health advantages of nature with the ways in which landscape architects and designers can incorporate this research into their work to create healthier spaces…

Part salient research on how the work of landscape architects positively impacts the health of people and communities and part guide for creating healing-focused green spaces, this report is intended as a resource for landscape architects

Who should read this report? Landscape architects, architects and other professionals interested in creating healing green spaces. 

Why read it? To gain a quick briefing on what science tells us about the health and wellness benefits of nature – so that you can fold these facts into project proposals and speak to the deeper implications of your work; and to learn of a tried, evidence-driven method for creating green spaces designed to promote peace and wellbeing.

Serving as editor of this paper: Naomi A. Sachs, PhD, MLA, EDAC, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture at the University of Maryland and Founding Director of the Therapeutic Landscapes Network (



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