Art of Human Being | Connecting to
Yourself & Your World through Mindfulness

A guided meditation to find ease and presence through the senses

The program, in brief:

This guided mindfulness meditation is intended to connect you to your inner and outer worlds with greater presence and ease.

This meditation can be helpful to practice during alone time in nature, especially in those moments where we find ourselves wanting to connect and be present but struggling to find freedom from the grip of our thoughts or emotions.

Through mindfulness we can first take stock of our inner experience with clarity and friendliness – meeting our minds exactly where they are. From there we can practice opening up to our experience and directing our attention more skillfully. When we want so desperately to listen to birdsong but the sound of our inner talk is drowning it out, or when we wish we could keep our eyes on the beautiful sunset but our mental images and memories are hogging the spotlight, or when we ache to let the body feel the aliveness of wind and sun but our pains and discomforts have taken the stage, we can choose to open up to more and more of our experience and let it all move through us in peace – the pleasant, the unpleasant, the joyful, the painful.


In this meditation, we begin by moving through a few of our senses and slowly widening our attention to become more open and receptive to everything in our experience. We might notice: sounds, physical sensations, feelings / emotions / moods, thoughts – images or inner dialogue, awareness itself. We try not to judge, resist, or hold on to anything that arises. Welcoming in and letting go, we observe the constant movement and change of our inner and outer worlds. As we practice in this way, we learn to become an open-hearted witness to our experience.

By experiencing this ~20 minute program, 

  • You will feel more centered and grounded.
  • You may find greater ease and patience with how you meet your present-moment experience.
  • You may find it easier to accept what feels unpleasant or uncomfortable.
  • You will find a refuge from stress.
  • You may feel more connected with the world around you, and less caught up in your own head.

About Kayla

Kayla Falk is an inner and outer explorer – a dedicated student of mindfulness meditation, human consciousness, and the natural world. She co-founded the educational organization Art of Human Being with her sister Gigi, through which she teaches meditation and evidence-based practices in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, and self-transformation to cultivate awakened hearts and minds. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University with a concentration in Spirituality & Mind-Body practice, her research focuses on the transformative potential of contemplative practice and connection to self, others, and the natural world.

About Art of Human Being

Kayla and Gigi Falk founded Art of Human Being to offer tools in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, and inner transformation with the mission of cultivating awakened hearts and minds. Incubated in Columbia University’s Spiritual Wellness Lab, Art of Human Being offers research-backed teachings that blend meditation and Eastern philosophy with cognitive science and behavior change research. AHB offers workshops, courses, online resources, and meditation coaching. You can learn more at

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