Art of Human Being | Remembering Nature as our Refuge

A meditative poetry reading

The program, in brief:

Poetry is having a brilliant moment — as well it should. Today, we bring you a ~10 minute resource that combines mindfulness, nature and poetry in a way that helps ground us, connect with the big picture and find a little life-lift.

In this series, you’ll first be guided in finding some stillness and mindfulness of the breath, the body, and the mind. Once we’re here, our guide Kayla will read aloud a beautiful poem by Mary Oliver titled The Gardener from her collection of poetry A Thousand Mornings. Mary Oliver was a transcendent writer and lifelong student of the natural world. In this poem, she ruminates on the burning questions of life, and then suddenly finds herself transported into an effortless sense of perspective through nature. This is always accessible to us – this grounding reminder of our connection to something greater than our small selves. It’s easy to forget, but we can reconnect with it the moment we step outside, open a window, or take in any form of beautiful green life.


By experiencing this ~10 minute program, 

  • You will find a refuge from stress and the overactive mind.
  • You will feel more centered and grounded.
  • You may find some inspiration or subtle lifting of your spirit.
  • You may feel more connected with the world around you, and less caught up in your own head.

About Kayla

Kayla Falk is an inner and outer explorer – a dedicated student of mindfulness meditation, human consciousness, and the natural world. She co-founded the educational organization Art of Human Being with her sister Gigi, through which she teaches meditation and evidence-based practices in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, and self-transformation to cultivate awakened hearts and minds. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University with a concentration in Spirituality & Mind-Body practice, her research focuses on the transformative potential of contemplative practice and connection to self, others, and the natural world.

About Art of Human Being

Kayla and Gigi Falk founded Art of Human Being to offer tools in mindfulness, mental wellbeing, and inner transformation with the mission of cultivating awakened hearts and minds. Incubated in Columbia University’s Spiritual Wellness Lab, Art of Human Being offers research-backed teachings that blend meditation and Eastern philosophy with cognitive science and behavior change research. AHB offers workshops, courses, online resources, and meditation coaching. You can learn more at

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